The Delicate Art of Getting Your Ex Back (TRIED AND TESTED!)

The Delicate Art of Getting Your Ex Back (TRIED AND TESTED!)

Break ups are never easy. The pain of ending things with someone you once loved and cherished can leave you feeling lost, hurt and confused. After a break up, it's common to wonder if there's a change to reignite the sparkle and rekindle the love with your ex. There are no foolproof ways to reconcile with your ex but here are some of our recommendations that may help you reunite with your ex.

Without further ado, our HANDPICKED, TRIED AND TESTED recommended products to help you get back your ex!

1. Love Root (Bulu Perindu) Oil

Our powerful Love Root (Bulu Perindu) Oil is used by many, far and wide. The love root is an ESSENTIAL ingredient in the Kalimantan shamans' love rituals. It's perfect for people who already have a target. This magickal oil will smoothen your relationships, salvage your broken ones and protect your relationship against 3rd parties and factors that may destroy it. You can also pair these oils with our following candles!

2. Charged Red Candles

Try your hand at doing a 7-day ritual with our Charged Red Candles. All you have to do is carve your name and D.O.B and do the same for your target, on one candle. The next step is optional but you may coat the candle in our Love Root (Bulu Perindu) Oil. Light the candle and stare into the flame for about 30 seconds as you set your intentions. Lastly, burn down the candle fully in one setting. The best timing to do is would be from 8pm to 3am. 

3. Increase Romantic Feeling Charged Candle

If your relationship ended because your partner's feelings for you fizzled out, use this candle to do exactly what its name states. It can also make your partner start doing things they once never considered (e.g. buying flowers).

4. Charged Red Skull Candle

Use this candle to improve your ex's romantic thoughts and perceptions of you. It can also be used to reduce harsh feelings, negativity love and relationship issues. When you are looking into the flame, remember to visualise your intentions and focus on exactly what you want. 

5. Cupid's Chokehold Earrings

Our spelled earrings can help you reconcile with your ex and will even bind your ex and you together in love which will provide a lasting bond that's tough to break. Don't believe us? Try it yourself!

6. Release Negative Love Strawberry Quartz Jewellery

Spelled with the help of Aphrodite, Lilith and Eir, this jewellery set will release the negative emotions in your relationship and bring in positive vibrations. It will also help you mend your broken relationships and smoothen your relationship. 

Reconnecting with your ex can be a complex and emotional journey and all we hope is to help you rebuild your loving and fulfilling relationship. All the best in getting your ex back!

*Note: Do note that even though you are seeking a potential reconciliation with your ex, please note that everyone is entitled to their own free will and that our products is just one of many options. The universe may also have other (better) plans for you! :)