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30ml 瓶

增强你对敌人、不良情绪、精神攻击、身体疾病和精神攻击的保护。这种油也被拼写为保护一个人免受有毒人的伤害 - 特别是加强一个人的精神力量。用在自己身上,或保护您所爱的人。您可以轻拍门的所有四个角以抵御敌人。

一瓶 30 毫升的价格。不含脉轮鼠尾草棒。








成分:100% 橄榄油、云母粉和天然香料(以增强油的元素性质)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Fiery Wall Of Protection Oil

Hmm I have been manifesting generally everyday like "Protect me from negative/toxic energies and protect me from evil eye" cause recently I felt bullied at work so I decided to escalate up to the management, not sure is it because of the oil but I saw effects like the bullies were being complained by other colleagues as well, my Reporting Officer spoke to them and now the bullies didnt dare to do anything to me now

Protection against Spirits

I bought this to protect myself from spirits . They still exist despite I put on the oil
But I feel more assured 😂😅😇

Feel Safer

One of my favourite oils . I met with spirits recently.
Never thought I would need this .

Fortunately this fiery oil is available.
It’s a good recommendation!

Hui En Lee
First try

After using it the first time, i realised that i did not get easily anxious nor stressed out over work. Also, people are nicer, more respectful and willing to teach me! Really helped to boost my self confidence and emotional stability. Love it! Thank you so much Bambi and team!

Real Protection! Trust the process!

I was in distraught previously as I got to know that certain ingrates were out there trying to defame me and spreading false rumors about me when they were the ones who have done me wrong and cheated me in the first place, thus i went to TLW with the intention to find something to get rid of these pesky annoying people. I was introduced by the friendly TLW team to get the Banish unknown enemies kit and the Fiery Wall of Protection Oil to protect myself.

After using the protection oil for 21 days now, I want to say that I am feeling safer than before!
It seems to have protected me from many bad things, and i heard lesser nuisances coming from those pesky people too. Though they were still lingering around me, i hope they will just go away after the continuous use of the protection oil!
Previously my friends were all quiet when i got backstabbed by those ingrates, after using the oil, my friends would now stand up for me whenever these irritating people starts creating troubles! I guess they knew those people were terrible too!
I want to say that the oil really gave me protection! Another example, when i am out with my friends to get lunch at this particular stall where this rude stall holder usually scolds every single customers that visits her stall, previously she shouts at me too. And every single time she will short charge the customers, But after i started using the protection oil, she does not scold me anymore and has ever since stopped short charging me.. she returns my money duly. instead she shouts at my other friends who were with me and continues short charging them(returns lesser change, charge extra etc)! Everyone got so annoyed by her! And i realized she avoids eye contact with me whenever i'm there. I'm wondering if she is afraid of me? 🤣

I generally feel more safe nowadays and there are lesser rude people around me, i realized when i'm in difficult situations there will always be a quick solution or someone to help me out too! I trust that all these were because of the help from thr protection oil! Thank you Bambi and Team. I will definitely continue to use the oil for good protection!

Trusting is the key! I trust and I got protected. Thank you so much to the kind deities for the protection and Bambi for this great creation! Will go back for more when the oil depletes!