Evil Eye in Different Cultures

Evil Eye in Different Cultures

Evil eye is the belief that a malevolent glare/thought can bring harm and misfortune to someone. Sometimes, evil eye can be accidental but it can also be intentionally sent. Many cultures around the world have developed unique practices and traditions to ward off evil eye.

Mediterranean/Middle Eastern Cultures:

  • In many Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cultures, they use the Hamsa, a hand-shaped amulet with an eye in the centre, to ward off evil eye. It is prevalent in Jewish and Islamic cultures and is believed to bring good luck and ward off negativity.

Italian Cultures:

  • Cornicello is a popular amulet in Italian culture, to ward off evil eye. It is often shaped like a twisted horn and is believed to bring good fortune and protection.

Turkish Cultures:

  • The Turks use Nazar Boncuk, a blue and white glass bead with an eye design, to ward off evil eye. It is commonly hung in offices, homes and even worn ad jewellery to protect against the evil eye. 

African Cultures:

  • Hanging red chili peppers outside homes is believed to ward off evil eye especially in parts of West Africa. The red colour of the peppers is thought to distract and repel negative energy. 

Indian Cultures: 

  • In Indian culture, especially Hindu traditions, a combination of lemons and green chili is hung outside homes and vehicles to absorb and ward off negative energy. They also place black dots (called Kohl/Kajal) on a baby's face to ward off evil eye and protect the baby from negative energies.

Spanish and Latin American Cultures:

  • In some Spanish-speaking cultures, deer's eye amulet - often made from seeds or nuts - is believed to protect against the evil eye and negative energy.

Thai Cultures:

  • In Thai Culture, many people get sacred tattoos known as "yant" for protection against various forms of harms, including the evil eye. These tattoos often feature intricate designs and symbols with specific meanings. 

Islam Cultures: 

  • In Islam, evil eye is warded off by reciting protective verses and saying Duas. They believe in protection from Allah and hence will turn to Him to keep them safe from evil eye and negative energies.

The Love Witch Culture:

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