Why Do Spells?


Contrary to popular misconceptions that spells are nonsensical because they are supposed to create “magic” out of nowhere, spells are actually everywhere in our daily lives.

In fact, when we make wishes on our birthday candles, we are putting intentions out there to the Universe.

When we apply hair oils containing natural ingredients such as Argan oil, we trust in the plant's ability to protect and nourish. Similarly, for spells — we believe in the properties of the herbs we use that it will carry certain properties, and we also set intentions to the Universe.

A spell can be very powerful as a physical method to execute the law of attraction, which is a universal principle that believes in attracting whatever you believe in. With spells, it is a physical method of using the right tools and techniques to put out intentions to the Universe. 

We also do spells to reconnect and revive ancient wisdom and practices, and we draw lessons from history and tribal communities. With spells, we work with various types of magick such as herb magick, which connects to plant wisdom.