Why Work With Spirits & Deities?


Since as early as the 3rd millennium BCE, people have been worshipping supernatural higher beings. They are known to have higher and newer levels of consciousness and are said to guide humans.

Our experiences with higher beings include having more guidance, intuition, and working with better values that each higher beings offer. Working with spirits and deities is a way to learn a variety of knowledge and to also gain blessings in our lives.

We believe that each different deities and spirits have their own “specialties”— just like our doctors who have more knowledge than us and can have their own specialised guidance and treatments for us e.g an oncologist and an ophthalmologist.

We like to advise potential open-minded people to come down to our store and hover their hands over portals/spirits to feel if there are any physical tingling sensations that may represent a connection to deities.

We do not like to push which deities or spirits are appropriate for you, as we believe that everyone’s spiritual journey should be personal and sacred in experiences ✨