The Benefits Of Meditation

The Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation has been around since 1500 BCE with different cultures coining the term and the practice. While there are different types of meditating (and for different reasons), the main and most important thing about meditation is that it is using the mind to bring your awareness inwards. 

Today, we will be focusing on spiritual meditation. So what is spiritual awareness?

Spiritual meditation is the act of taking you to the depths of what makes you, you. If you feel like you are struggling to let go of certain things from your past, spiritual meditation will help you realise the eternal truth and let go of all that has happened so you can find solace in the place you're in.

There are many benefits to spiritual meditation:

  1. Spiritual meditation helps you release and settle your thoughts and emotions
  2. It helps in relaxing your nervous system which allows your body to unwind from stress
  3. It guides you toward letting go of the past and sink in peace
  4. It allows you to connect to your higher self
  5. It empowers you and helps you in reaching your higher consciousness
  6. Your personality will radiate love, calmness and serenity
  7. You will be able to start grounding yourself better
  8. It helps in balancing your chakras 

There's so many more benefits, but it's best if you try to meditate and experience it yourself for FREE.

FOR FREE? That's right! Our meditation room at Healeir is FREE FOR ALL for the first 10 minutes!

Your senses will be welcomed with 4 different types of therapy in our meditation room. Light therapy, sound therapy, crystal therapy and aroma therapy. Each day focuses on a different chakra (root, solar plexus, heart etc) so do and give it a try!

So what are you waiting for? Head down to 65A Tanjong Pagar Rd Level 2, to start your meditation journey today. Trust us, 10 minutes is all you need to start feeling better!

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