How Our Tarot Reading Works

Tarot readings can be an eye-opening experience to those who seek clarity and spiritual answers. Oftentimes, the media and some bad rep “psychics” we see in the news and TV give us lots of misconceptions about tarot readings and other divination methods.

However, it is important to note that there is little involvement of destiny in our lives because we are all able to make conscious decisions that can affect our future and others’ conscious decisions can also affect us.

We do not abide by “being psychic” in our tarot readings but we believe that people who are more spiritually attuned can give us some guidance.

Our tarot readings therefore can help tell the near future (generally up to 6 - 8 months) based on current actions, decisions and mindset of whoever is involved in the questions.

The readings can also tell you about the past as the past has been imprinted in our lives and also can aid us in clarity regarding the present. The tarot readings can also help discern decisions to make, and can also unwrap mindsets of yourself and others.

It is very essential that you prepare your questions and think about what is crucial that you need clarity on. We do not recommend that you take tarot readings just for fun but to take it for spiritual growth and better decision-making.