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[THE LOVE WITCHXPERIENCE] Hands-On Voodoo Spell (@ 65A Tanjong Pagar Road)

[THE LOVE WITCHXPERIENCE] Hands-On Voodoo Spell (@ 65A Tanjong Pagar Road)

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PLEASE NOTE: The location of this service is at 65A Tanjong Pagar Road, Level 2 [HEALEIR].
Should you have any enquiries regarding this service, please do not hesitate to contact us at +65 9728 5628. We would love to get in touch with you!



The Love Witch Xperience aims to provide you with a hands-on affordable spell option for all of your different needs. Looking for help concerning Love? Wealth? Karmic Returns & Curses? Or simply looking for a protection ritual? Our spelled poppet dolls are all imbued with the most raw and potent form of magick that will help fulfill your needs. 

What makes this experience a different one from our in-house spell services/ spelled products?

  • This alternative to our in-house spell does not require 5 weeks for completion, the ritual will be deemed as completed after you have finished with the activity. So you are the own puppeteer of your results! (And if you wish for quicker spell with Bambi, do select the Double Cast option!)
  • This process is very dependent on the strength of your intention set when carrying out the ritual, however, this DOES NOT mean that manifestations will not occur if you have a weak mind, as our poppets have gone through several rituals beforehand and spelled under specific moon cycles.
  • This process is very target-based, you will need to have a target in mind, which could mean yourself or someone else.
  • As this service is an in-house specialty service, this process can be complementary with our in-house spells & products. 
  • Just a few examples of situations where this Hands-On Voodoo Spell can help:
    - You have looked at all of our other spells & products, and none suit your specific situation.
    - You know that your scenario requires personalised attention.
    - The delicate and even strange circumstances of your problem call for an imaginative solution.
  • Because a poppet is a device for sympathetic magic, all of its components will be symbols of what it is you hope to achieve.

Do take the time to read and understand the purposes of this service, and instructions on what to do next before ordering.

Set your intentions on our respective spelled poppet dolls and wait for your intentions to manifest!

What to expect:

  • After purchasing the respective poppet, please make your way down to our physical store located at 65A Tanjong Pagar Road, Level 2. (You may WhatsApp us at 9728 5628 to let us know in advance).
  • Poppet of your choice will be issued to you, a private room will be offered to you for your ritual.
  • To further boost the enhancement of manifestation of your said intentions, you can top-up $10 SGD to stuff your poppet with respective spelled herb blend (ONLY AVAILABLE IN-STORE).
  • For a Double-Casted poppet doll for stronger and faster manifestation, you can opt for a double-casted ritual made available in the options below. The spell will be done by Bambi herself, after the process has been completed, we will inform you via WhatsApp for your collection. 
  • ALL POPPETS CAN BE BROUGHT HOME immediately if no Double-Cast option has been made.

 There will be NO REFUNDS once the purchase is made. By making this purchase you are declaring that you understand and agree to these terms.


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Customer Reviews

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New customer
Hope it come true

Hope my poppet bring me luck

Protected me from danger ⛔️

My poppets tried to protect me from spiritual attacks 5 mins before unwanted spirits tried to disturb me.They tried their best to warn and signal me .


Thank you 🙏 😇