The Power Of Intention Magick

The Power Of Intention Magick

Intention Magick (commonly referred to as Manifestation Magick) is the practice of using your focused thoughts, willpower and energy to manifest your desires. This practice underscores the idea that one's intentions have the potential to shape and create one's reality by consciously and deliberately directing one's thoughts and energy towards a particular goal. Meditation, visualization, rituals, and symbolic tools helping one get closer to their desired outcome.

Here are a few tips to help you get started on your manifestation journey with Intention Magick!

1. Set clear intentions

Be very clear on what you wish to manifest. You can note your intentions down somewhere so that you can refer to them easily. Make your intentions specific, positive and achievable. Start with words like "I want..." and "I will...". Try to avoid words like "I hope..." and "I wish..." as it insinuates that you are not sure if it will happen and can cause you to doubt your manifestation. This uncertainty can lower your energetic alignment with what your intentions. 

2. Focus your energy

Bring your focus towards shifting your energies in the direction of what you wish to manifest. This can be done through meditation and visualisation (read more about the power of meditation here).

3. Release your intentions

People often dwindle on the outcome and receive date of their manifestations. They obsess and overthink over the little detail. This can create doubt in one's mind and hinder the process of their manifestation. Practice gratitude and trust that the Universe will give you what you want (if it's meant for you) at the right time.


It's also important to note that Intention Magick is not a guarantee of instant results, and outcomes may vary. The effectiveness of Intention Magick can be influenced by factors such as the one's belief, focus and human actions. 

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