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Charged Gold Candles - Amplifying Spellwork & Wealth

Charged Gold Candles - Amplifying Spellwork & Wealth

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Use a gold candle to amplify your spellwork, or in spells for extreme wealth.

Price is for ONE energetically charged candle.

Note that it is normal for wax candles to have minor scratches, and this does not affect your spellwork in any way.

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Customer Reviews

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Xavier Podisingho

Better moods, still waiting my intentions to manifast

Outstanding results

In my opinion this is the mac daddy of all the wealth really boosts your spellwork (especially for money) very well. In the past my side hustle income was 3 digits per month, and after using the gold candles it became 4 joke...set your intentions, use the fast money/luck oils with these gold candles and wait for the magic to happen


I used it with the Money Oil. Still waiting for results but I'm feeling positive!