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Baphomet Altar Kit - Deity of Knowledge & Personal Development

Baphomet Altar Kit - Deity of Knowledge & Personal Development

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Baphomet Altar Kit - Deity of Knowledge & Personal Development

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It was once said that Baphomet was once worshiped by the Order of the Knights Templar. These days, Baphomet is most commonly seen on the album covers of metal bands and as the symbol of the Church of Satan in the U.S.

In truth, Baphomet represents the duality of all things in the Universe, acting as both parallel and paradox, and that all living things have both a dark and light side within them that needs to be in balance to achieve ultimate ascension.

Baphomet is often pictured legs crossed with one hand pointing to the sky and one pointing to the earth - the same way The Magician is pictured in tarot - symbolising the core of what magick is all about: As Above, So Below.

What Can Baphomet Help With?

  • Helping individuals accept, reconcile and resolve qualities of themselves which might conflict with their environment.

    Helping people to also gain acceptance with those around them, despite their differences.
  • Developing one's intellect to see how contrasts form wholeness in every aspect of the universe; the concept of balance in order to achieve the greatness of the whole
  • Opening one's mind to seeing two sides of the coin, foreseeing challenges/conflicts/disagreements ahead that might hinder progress, in aspects including but not exclusively business, knowledge-seeking and imparting wisdom of adapting and integrating rather than denying/removing and cutting off.
  • Enhancing one's presence and representation by opening the minds of the audience to seeing one's offering in a beneficial and advantageous light.
  • Sharpening one's foresight and propelling knowledge acquisition especially in the quest for truth and information.
  • Reconciliation of opposites or conflicting beliefs, that might disadvantage an individual in an environment that might sometimes be harsh towards a new idea.
  • Developing motivation to conquer the fear of the unknown with the purpose of bettering one's self through the mastery both the common and roads less traveled.

      What's Included In The Altar Kit?

      • 1 x Cold Cast Resin Antique Bronze Finish Statue Portal (portal to the deity will be opened on the statue)
      • 7 x charged candles in the colour of the deity's choice
      • 7 x incense cones of the deity's choice
      • 1 x black votive candle
      • 1 x spellcast pendulum
      • Optional: Soul binding between you and the deity

      Why Choose A Soul Binding?

      The term may sound off-putting, but it’s simply an agreement made between two parties i.e. a deity and you to have shared experience with one another in the physical.

      There are no winners and losers. The contracts you create are for the mutual benefit of both parties involved. Benefits include:

      • Raises the level of opportunities to be consistently blessed by the deity chosen
      • Encourages one to follow on the values of deity chosen to set one in the "right path"
      • Revokes negative soul contracts that you were originally meant for and reclaims sovereignty of soul with your chosen deity i.e. You will not be subjected to being controlled in your destiny by an unknown source
      • Higher chances of destroying bad karmic ties and inviting better ones with a deity
      • More positive life journey overall with deities to oversee and guard your life path

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