Chakra Cleansing Ring - Strong
Chakra Cleansing Ring - Strong
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Chakra Cleansing Ring - Strong

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The Chakra Cleansing Ring has been spelled stronger to enhance and help activate your Chakra energies!

This duo-tone ring has been spellcast as a daily cleanser of your chakras. Regular usage of this can help with;

  • Prevention of parasitic energy on chakra systems
  • Better cleansing & renewal of energies after sleep
  • Less mental fog of the crown chakra
  • Less overwork of the third eye chakra
  • Better communication of the throat chakra
  • Less emotional distress of the heart chakra
  • Better digestive movement of the solar plexus chakra
  • Re-activation of the sacral & root chakra

Ring is adjustable. One size fits all. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Slow and subtle

It works with me. It is subtle in it’s ways. It takes it time. I have bursts of confidence. I feel that I could do what I am afraid to do now.

Good to use

Have been using chakra rings for the pass 3 weeks. Found out that it is helpful that I had bought 2 rings for myself one to keep under my pillow so I can sleep well and the other I would bring it to work to get rid off negative energies. Had even recommended this rings for friends which they claim that they are able to sleep well after use. Very happy to have gotten this ring.

Tira Fath
I love it!!

Honestly speaking for the first few days of wearing the ring, i feel more balanced! Usually im always in a bad mood 🥺

Ring to your inner peace.

Have been wearing this ring every night for 2 weeks ( due to work related, not suitable to wear it daytime). It really helps a lot me especially at night, I sleep better and wake up feeling good energy. My emotional distress have been reduced a lot since then. I stopped thinking too much at night struggling to sleep peacefully. Thanks to Ali, never regret to purchase for all those items that he recommended. Thanks to TLW team!!!

Helped Me Get My Groove Back!

I was burned out at my job and it was manifesting on the quality of my work. But when I wore this, I got amazing results within a week. I had more vitality, creativity, and endurance with whatever was thrown at work during the day! My peers noticed too.

Within a month, I started paying more attention to self-care, self-love, and self-healing as well. You guys have no idea, it's been 4yrs since my confidence was shattered and I let myself go. Now, I'm becoming myself again. Amazing! Thank you!!!

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