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Charged Bad Luck Burner Votive Candles

Charged Bad Luck Burner Votive Candles

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These black votive candles have been energetically charged to clear out any current bad streaks of luck you may be currently experiencing.

Each candle burns for approximately 2 to 2.5hrs. It is recommended that you allow the candle to burn out in one sitting to fully eliminate all traces of bad luck in your current situation.

Price is for ONE energetically charged votive candle.

Note that it is normal for wax candles to have minor scratches, and this does not affect your spellwork in any way.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
My 3rd time

Hi all these candles are very much part of my monthly ritual.

I light them up once a clear up remnants of any energy. To be very honest it helps to bring up issues and stuck energy blocks.

My go to everymonth. I strongly suggest before buying anything else get this..


Ali recommended me this after the tarot reading. I was having difficulties looking for jobs, after the bad luck candles I got a lot of interviews!

Elizabeth Varghese

Charged Bad Luck Burner Votive Candles

I feel grateful!

Since the starting of Year 2022, things are not going well for me, be it in relationship or my health.
I have been stressed with scanning and seeing specialists for my health.
10 days ago I went to TLW to buy this candle, I remembered I still asked TLW Team if it would help. They told me I have to trust it to make it happen. 😊
After lighting it (4 hours plus) with my wishes that my medical results will be okay and things work smoothly for me, I start to feel released.
And today I received part of my medical result and doctor told me not to be worried. I am like ‘the burden on my shoulder is gone’.
Thanks to the TLW Team and I wish that slowly everything will turn well for me.

Recommended By Ali

After Tarot Reading with Ali, he recommend me to get one bad luck candle to burn the bad luck I have last year and yesterday started around 7pm while doing some work at my room and I started to light the candle up and patiently waiting for the candle to burn finish and after 11pm, I went to sleep while my fan is NOT ON at all as the candle still haven't completely burn. But after around 1.45am, I wake up naturally and saw the candle completely burned finished and first thing I did is turn the fan on 😅 while going back to sleep.