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Charged Blue Candles - Healing & Transformation

Charged Blue Candles - Healing & Transformation

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Blue represents the Spirits of the West, and the element of Water.

Charged for transformation rituals i.e. peace, healing, tranquility, more prophetic dreams, better wisdom, better friendships and hope. 

Price is for ONE energetically charged candle.

Note that it is normal for wax candles to have minor scratches, and this does not affect your spellwork in any way.

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Customer Reviews

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Reco by Jamie

After my first tarot reading, Jamie recommended me to burn the blue candles for 7 days. My heart was feeling pretty heavy before I started burning. I crafted my message to set my intention for the healing ritual. Somehow or rather, when I started burning for the first 3 days for my significant other to heal emotionally, I started feeling better as well! The significant other texted me right after I finished the 7 days healing ritual. I am honestly spooked out because I don't know if the healing ritual really did wonders or if this is just a pure coincidence BUT I gotta say... I do finally believe that the candles work. So thank you so much for the recommendation.

Recommended By Jamie

After the tarot card reading with Jamie, I purchased the 7 days candle ritual for my situation, and this is the 1st time I seen the candle completely burned successfully without a drip of wax at all. Hope the coming 6 days ritual will be the same as the 1st day.


I purchased one and set intention to the flame. I wished that my family and friends will be healthy and in good moods.
It tell worked when one of my friends said he didn’t feel back pain anymore. (He usually has it

Okay, hear me out

I burned these a few months ago to manifest entry to a University course I wanted at first, but it felt way too out of reach because I wasn't sure if I could adjust to life there and transform myself accordingly. I feel way less fear and anxiety about my future though I've since changed my mind on the course I want, so it definitely works to heal your mindset!

Shared with a friend, bought on a whim

We were going through a rough patch and wanted to try improving it somehow. My friend said that it seems to help: "I have been taking good steps to figuring myself out. Knowing what I want, what I need, so on. Rocky road, yes, but it's a step forward. Healing." I think that the candle's boost helped our efforts to grow in a good direction, to come out of it as better people together. It was calming to look at, and yet the fire sparked a strong, wistful urge in me whenever I thought of my intentions.