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Charged Lavender Candles - Emotional Calm & Peace

Charged Lavender Candles - Emotional Calm & Peace

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Use these in your rituals for healing, peace, emotional calmness and stability, as well as to regenerate your chakra system's energies.

Price is for ONE energetically charged candle.

Note that it is normal for wax candles to have minor scratches, and this does not affect your spellwork in any way.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Purple lavender Candle

Love the soothing effect

Dozed off after lighting it

Marquis Evens
Love 💕 the Peace ✌🏻

Dozed off after burning

Calming effect and soothing

burn for 3 days

it does have some calming effects - i had a pretty good sleep and felt less anxious. but probably need to burn for 7 days to feel a stronger spell effect.

Temporary relief

I was stressed out balancing my studies and work at the same time. My stress level was all time high when my mind couldn't take a break from worry and overthinking, this gave me temporary relief and I slept better for the late

The candle light lit up high!

Offered the lavender candle to my lovely Goddess Hecate deity portal, she seems loves the candle by responding with high and bright candle light. I love it too, it makes me calm and have better connection between the great Goddess Hecate and me. Thank you TLW for this mess free candle !