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Charged Metallic Red Candles - Road Opener for Love

Charged Metallic Red Candles - Road Opener for Love

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Open the pathways for love to flow. These candles have been charged to specifically open your target up to your love spells with the Make You Love Me Oil.

If you have a particular difficult situation, use these metallic candles to create the pathway for your intentions for seven days before moving onto the red candles for love.

Price is for ONE energetically charged candle.

Note that it is normal for wax candles to have minor scratches, and this does not affect your spellwork in any way.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Beatrice Chia
Did a ritual and opened roads for me

Did a ritual towards the new year, and it opened love roads for me! TWL staff are also extremely polite and knowledgeable all the while.

Have purchase multiple items from TWL and would be back to purchase more.


Thank you Jamie for the session today, though I was late cause I couldn't focus on life at this moment. I am lost. But Jamie helped me read my life and go and I am really shocked. I did not share anything, I simply ask the question "What should I do to my love one, we just broke up". All her answers are 100% on point.
At first, I was skeptical and not sure if it was real or not. But I was desperate and I go with it. After my session with Jamie, I 100% believe in it and she explained well the items I got all I do now is do what she told me to and wait for results. I will definitely go back to read again and ask for advice in the future. This is one of the items I bought.

Mr Tarot
Tarot important

Guys ,do your tarot readings first before you embark on any spells , rituals and whatever

This is so that we can make more informed decision

Any rituals or spells etc will be more meaningful

No point getting products first

The tarot sessions is important in order for us to find solution

Let TLW staffs to advise

They are professional and unlike some other companies that hard sell .

Well done Bambi and team

Do a reading first :’)

Started to burn this candle with “make you love me” oil, lovers candle, make them devoted necklace, red skull candle and rituals etc, since December 2022, but haven’t had any results with him whatsoever. Manifest super hard even, only to have him ghost me and subsequently friend zone me . I guess somethings/some people are not meant to be, even a strongly spelled oil and spelled candle can’t bring him back into my life.

But still thankful for the closure I guess. Like I’ve tried so hard, physically and monetarily thru magic. Now I’m just ready to give up. I reviewed Bambi’s video afterwards, and she advised to do a reading first before engaging any spell works, so do that first :’)

Princess Snowy
Love the Candles

Love to see the candles burning, starting having problems engraving the name as 1st time using but after the 3rd time much more hands on.
May not know if it works but feel peace & calm looking at it burning