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Charged Orange Candles - Igniting Lost Passion, Motivation & Willpower

Charged Orange Candles - Igniting Lost Passion, Motivation & Willpower

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Whether you're feeling lost and down, or need to ignite that spark in your life (or target!), these orange candles have been charged to help you manifest. Use them on their own, or with other candle colours to really give your spells a boost.

Price is for ONE energetically charged candle.

Note that it is normal for wax candles to have minor scratches, and this does not affect your spellwork in any way.

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Customer Reviews

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Positive feeling after burning

Feel good effect after burning .Will continue burning

primela rajandran
For all your motivation needs

I can't believe how well this works and it kind of happened overnight. I was no longer procrastinating over tasks that needed to be done. Definitely no placebo effect cause the same thing happened the second time I lit a new candle.


Works really well! I love!

Really works!!

After burning this candle, I feel motivated to start my day early and have been waking up early to finish my paperwork and get them settled earlier in the morning so I can start my day right! This is insane! Waking up earlier without an alarm clock feels great haha and I feel energized and the want to work harder as I’m in the sales line, get it for all u lazy bums and feel slackened during this covid/wfh period!