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Charged Yellow Candles - Creativity & Confidence

Charged Yellow Candles - Creativity & Confidence

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Yellow represents the element of Air.

Use those in workings for creativity, confidence, intelligence and energy. These can also be used for healing skin conditions, stomach problems and menstrual cramps.

Price is for ONE energetically charged candle.

Note that it is normal for wax candles to have minor scratches, and this does not affect your spellwork in any way.

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Customer Reviews

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Yellow candle

Looking forward to manifest

For my pms 👍

primela rajandran
If you ever need inspired action

After lighting this candle, along with the orange one. I felt that I had continous inspired action for my business and had no doubts/insecurities carrying out my tasks.


This candle has helped me with my intentions when I was sealing my spell jar. Thank you Elisha for assisting me on how to choose the candle based on my intentions! Will come back soon!