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Fortuna Altar Kit™ - Goddess of Luck, Abundance, and Fate (Pre-Order)

Fortuna Altar Kit™ - Goddess of Luck, Abundance, and Fate (Pre-Order)

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Fortuna is the personification of luck - both good and bad. She is often represented veiled and blind to represent life’s capriciousness.

Fortuna was usually depicted holding in one hand a cornucopia, or a horn of plenty, from which all good things flowed in abundance, representing Her ability to bestow prosperity; in the other She generally has a ship’s rudder, to indicate that She is the one who controls how lives and fates are steered.

What Can Goddess Fortuna Help With?
  • Promotes wealth materially and asset acquisitions
  • Vastly increases her follower's luck in all directions
  • Redirects bad luck away from her followers
    • Fortuna Dubia i.e. dubious fortune
    • Fortuna Brevis i.e. fickle fortune
    • Fortuna Mala i.e. bad fortune
  • Fortuna is believed to control half of human's fortune, the half other being human actions; she will guide one into the right human actions to achieve the Greater.
  • Increases one's luck in fertility and chances for continuation of human reproduction
  • She was also known to carry a Horn of Plenty, to pour unlimited riches
  • Teaches Her keeper to be prudently smart in terms of protecting assets and learning to reduce liabilities and greed, and to help the less fortunate when possible to avoid the fate of meeting "Nemesis" ie Bad Fortune
  • Helps with safe travel
  • Guides one into fame and fortune if desired
What's Included In The Altar Kit?
  • 1 x Cold Cast Resin Antique Bronze Finish Statue Portal (portal to the deity will be opened on the statue)
  • 7 x charged candles in the colour of the deity's choice
  • 7 x incense cones of the deity's choice
  • 1 x black votive candle
  • 1 x spellcast pendulum
  • Optional: Soul binding between you and the deity

Why Choose A Soul Binding?
The term may sound off-putting, but it’s simply an agreement made between two parties i.e. a deity and you to have shared experience with one another in the physical.

There are no winners and losers. The contracts you create are for the mutual benefit of both parties involved. Benefits include:

  • Raises the level of opportunities to be consistently blessed by the deity chosen
  • Encourages one to follow on the values of deity chosen to set one in the "right path"
  • Revokes negative soul contracts that you were originally meant for and reclaims sovereignty of soul with your chosen deity i.e. You will not be subjected to being controlled in your destiny by an unknown source
  • Higher chances of destroying bad karmic ties and inviting better ones with a deity
  • More positive life journey overall with deities to oversee and guard your life path
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