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Goddess Lilith Consecrated Talisman™

Goddess Lilith Consecrated Talisman™

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Goddess Lilith represents feminine strength, sexual freedom, bodily autonomy and independence.

Wearing her consecrated sigil allows you to receive her blessings in your daily life. These blessings include:

  • beauty and charm
  • female empowerment
  • rising above patriarchal systems
  • luxury


>> What's the difference between a consecrated talisman and a deity portal?

A deity portal requires you to build a relationship with the deity. This includes speaking to the deity through the portal, making offerings, and veneration through living your life according to their values. You will have to put in time and effort with a portal to receive their blessings according to your own life path.

However, a consecrated sigil allows you to receive basic blessings from the deity without needing to become a dedicated follower. We recommend getting a consecrated talisman if you are not yet ready to commit to a deity portal.

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Customer Reviews

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I got this talisman on Saturday and on Sunday night I had a weird dream where there were multiple dead bodies where I was. I tried to search up on dreams and interpretations and found this (not sure how accurate this was but multiple sources led to the same meaning) :

'To see a number of dead people in your dream indicates you need to unleash your true potential in life. If you notice a large number of dead bodies in your dream this can suggest you need to let go of the past and not stop the forthcoming change.'

Oddly, this is something I can resonate with and perhaps it is related to empowerment, which was the reason why I bought this in the first place due to the personal issues I'm facing and my inability to step up and make the call.

I was also listening to the lilith enn meditation chant yesterday.

I definitely feel slightly calmer after having this talisman on and I look forward to receiving more guidance. Thank you TLW team!