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Increase Romantic Feeling Charged Candle

Increase Romantic Feeling Charged Candle

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Purchase Includes:

1 Charged Red Heart Candle 

Spelled to:

  • Light up someone’s romantic feelings towards you
  • Sweeten a dull relationship or pursuit
  • Wake your partner's awareness in aspects of the relationship that they did not once consider, for example, buying flowers or travelling together
  • Can be used as a self-help candle to conjure more romantic feelings towards your partner in yourself

How to use:

  1. Carve your target's name and date of birth on the candle on top of the heart. If none is available, simply put a printed photo of your target beside the candle.
  2. Your intentions are important. As soon as you start lighting up the wick, set your thoughts into the flame by looking into it.
  3. Best coated with Make You Love Me Oil and Fastest Luck Oil and burned in one setting.
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Customer Reviews

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I m still waiting for the result.
I hv a feeling that it always works only once, and no longer valid for next days. However, I m still putting hope that things get slowly better and I get what I wish for.