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King Paimon Orb of Influence, Fame & Wealth - Men's and Ladies' Designs Available

King Paimon Orb of Influence, Fame & Wealth - Men's and Ladies' Designs Available

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These accessories have been blessed by King Paimon, Goetic divinity who rules over all arts and sciences, especially alchemy.

His blessings include:
  • Increased luck in jobs or careers where fame is needed i.e. music artistes, singers, painters, social influencers, bloggers, youtubers, etc.
  • Better creative flow when it comes to making art
  • Random streaks of luck (this is not uncommon with King Paimon)
  • Greater respect and help from others who can help elevate your success
  • Increased rapport with people who are important and useful to you
  • Increased admiration from the general public
  • Help in gaining fans
  • Easier wish manifestations
  • Opportunities with luxury brands and products
  • Ability to afford and enjoy more in life

How To Use:  

  • Wear the item close to your skin for the first 30 days. This allows the energy to blend in with your aura and bring you blessings.  
  • If it is not possible to do so, you may also carry the item with you in your pockets, or place it under your pillow when you sleep.  
  • It is advised to recharge your item whenever you feel like the energy has weakened. To do this, you may use our recharging box or light a white candle next to your item.  

Dos and Don'ts:  

  • Be gentle and take care of your item well. This ensures you'll be able to receive blessings as long as possible and without disruption.  
  • Avoid ALL contact with water and perfume. Please remove your item before showering, washing your hands, swimming or any other activity that may get your item wet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I wore it and keep it close to me for about a month now. Feeling better about myself and feeling lucky with work opportunities. Increase my confidence and motivation and have gain good clients at work! Thankful to bambi and team for the work done to this ring!

Brings You Luck

I bought the ring together with the money oil. Within the first few days of wearing it, I could feel a very positive energy coming from my heart chakra. Super weird I know. I have been slightly depressed in the past, and I felt this ring uplifted my mood in a very positive way. In general, the effects are not over-the-top but most of the time, I have gotten "lucky" - ie random strangers are nice to me, and in work/personal life/social, things have gone well for me (without much hiccups).

Works! But give it some time to manifest.

I have been wearing this ring for a good 3 - 4 months and even used a white candle to charge it. I would say you will be able to see results in small moments in your life. I withness myself having more admiration from working colleagues and clients whenever I have physical meetings with them. Just have to be very patient with it, sometimes it happens without you even knowing it. As long as you set good intentions when wearing it, the magick will work!

Pretty and awesome

The ring together with wealth ring bring me abundance of opportunties and recognition. Thanks Bambi team!

King Paimon Ring

Thank you Love Witch for the prompt delivery! It took less than a week for an international delivery.. mind blowing! Having been a devoted customer of Love Witch & DarkWitchBambi, I can attest that the spelled items really work wonders. Just make your intention very clear, be patient & open minded, and trust that the magick will help things work out in your best interest (not out go your sole ego and greed)