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[Premium] Ultimate Lust, Glamor & Charisma Ring

[Premium] Ultimate Lust, Glamor & Charisma Ring

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Double spell casted by Dark Lady Rashoon & Bambi's Personal Spirits.
Find your individuality, attractiveness and charisma from our double spell casted ring. You can now live the life you have always been dreaming of. Those around you will begin to see you in a different light and be attracted to your inner and outer glow. This spelled ring under our "BEWITCHED" premium collection is a unique piece that holds unrivaled power. You will be the best version of yourself.

The design & sizing:

  • 1 gold plated stainless steel ring
  • A classic, dainty stackable band featuring a crossover design edged with shimmering gemstone 
  • Free size and adjustable.

Also comes together with a FREE spelled recharging box.

This item has been heavily spelled to:

  • Manifest the power of erotic, sensual energy
  • Exponentially gain a bigger hypnotic aura, glamor aura
  • Manifest a glow of exquisite magnetic attraction that can hypnotise multiple target(s) with your aura 
  • Be blessed with timeless beauty and a mesmerising glow
  • Become the object of lust and physical attraction
  • Deep desires will be created in target's heart to be with you
  • Stay in the mind of your target(s) forever. Yes, forever.
  • Inexplicable fatal attraction from target to you
  • Target can't feel calm when he's away from you
  • Increase intimacy between the wearer and their target
  • Increase persuasion power, intelligence which helps outsmart competitors, friends, opposite sex and enemies
  • Improve your social standing and adds positive energy to your aura to make people subconsciously like you
  • Change your mental aura to allow you to approach anyone and be charismatic and irresistible to them

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