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Lord Leviathan Consecrated Talisman™

Lord Leviathan Consecrated Talisman™

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Leviathan can assist people by guiding them through traumatic and painful memories. He can offer healing and can help those who have incurred trauma to navigate the currents of painful emotions. He can assist with deep emotional healing and also can help guide one through the darkness of their own mind. 

Wearing his consecrated sigil allows you to receive his blessings in your daily life. These blessings include:

  • soothing of emotions
  • uncovering traumatic memories and inducing transformation
  • insight and clarity to move forwards
  • assistance with shadow work

    >> What's the difference between a consecrated talisman and a deity portal?

    A deity portal requires you to build a relationship with the deity. This includes speaking to the deity through the portal, making offerings, and veneration through living your life according to their values. You will have to put in time and effort with a portal to receive their blessings according to your own life path.

    However, a consecrated sigil allows you to receive basic blessings from the deity without needing to become a dedicated follower. We recommend getting a consecrated talisman if you are not yet ready to commit to a deity portal.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Love Leviathan

    As soon as I wore my new Leviathan talisman I could feel the power coming through. My emotions smoothed out and I felt powerful in a grounded way, ready to get my work done. The item itself is large-ish but not heavy. I look forward to working with Leviathan's energy via this talisman for many years to come. Thanks guys.