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Sexual Attraction Spelled Pendant/ Ring - Men's and Ladies' Designs Available

Sexual Attraction Spelled Pendant/ Ring - Men's and Ladies' Designs Available

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This spell-cast accessory will present the wearer with: 

  • The ability to become more sexually attractive
  • A better understanding about the nuances of seduction
  • A lasting impression of the wearer to whomever they interact with
  • Stronger intimacy between the wearer and their partner, initiate sexual thoughts about the wearer more often
  • Increase in beauty and charisma
  • Instilling confidence in oneself, great for those who are constantly in the limelight

How To Use:  

  • Wear the item close to your skin for the first 30 days, allowing the energies to blend with your aura and bring you blessings.  
  • If it is not possible to do the above, you may also carry the item with you in your pockets, or place it under your pillow when you sleep.  
  • It is advised to recharge your item whenever you feel like the energy has weakened. To do this, you may use our recharging box or light a white candle next to your item.  

Dos and Don'ts:  

  • Be gentle and take care of your item well. This ensures you'll be able to receive blessings as long as possible and without disruption.  
  • Avoid ALL contact with water and perfume. Please remove your item before showering, washing your hands, swimming or any other activity that may get your item wet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Bought for a gift~ store was really helpful in packaging in a small box ~

Beautiful Necklace

The necklace is beautiful. However, whether if it works, I don’t know yet. I hv been wearing it everyday for more than 2 weeks but I don’t c result yet. And the target is even looks like trying to avoid me. 🥲 Anyway, I must try to be positive and continue wearing it for another month, thank you!

Very beautiful necklace

I'm deeply attracted to this necklace when I first saw it in the shop. I'm not someone that would wear accessories. But I've got this feeling that I have to get this necklace. Although I don't think I needed it because I usually attract guys. I have worn it for about a week, and I have even female colleagues complimented my appearance. I'm very happy. I will continue to wear it because the necklace looks really beautiful.


Loving the energy. This pendant rly rly works

Samantha Liew
Seeing the effect

Have recently brought the product hoping to have a better intimacy with my partner.
Surprising I have see it have slight effect and have more body interaction with my partner which he seldom used to ask or do.
Will continue to see as time goes by but sure will recommend my friend to get it.