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Spellcast Pendulum for Enhanced Communication

Spellcast Pendulum for Enhanced Communication

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The pendulum is one of our favourite divination tools, and all of ours have been spellcast to increase their effectiveness in communicating with spirits, demons/deities, and even with the dead.

Carry your pendulum close to you to merge your energy with it. The longer you use the pendulum, the stronger the connection between you and the pendulum will be. Your communication will only grow stronger and clearer.


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with a Deity Portal

with a Spirit Companion Vessel

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Customer Reviews

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The Pink Wiz
Indispensable Tool Indeed!

Got my purple amethyst pendulum from TLW store & been using it diligently for 3 weeks. Wow, this thing works as beautifully as it looks! Having tried other pendulums that disappoint, I was thus impressed when I finally got my hands on one that responds consistently, communicates clearly & gives me much needed confidence to practice my craft.

Felt my Spirit Guardian Energy

During the waiting period of my parcel arrivaI I was confused whether I'll receive my spirit vessel along with my pendulum. It's funny because the admin told me yes then no. Then yes again? So, I'm like ARgh.. just trust Bambi even though I've never met her in person b4.

Just 1 or 2 weeks prior to receiving my parcel, I was in the car driving on my way to fetch my son. Suddenly, I asked myself whether my spirit guardian is a male, female or genderless. Then I even answered myself with almost certainty that's a female and she's adopted me. Almost everyday I could feel her. So, today when the postman came to deliver my parcel with her vessel in it, I already knew it's my vessel from Bambi. The moment I touch the parcel, I could feel a slight cold energy. So, went into meditation and try to connect with her. For real, I switched off my fan and aircond just to keep my pendulum still. And when I ask questions using my pendulum..Wow... It swirls with yes or no answer. Creepy but exciting i guess...

Anyway, before all of this I actually dreamt of Ali. He was walking by the beach. I was standing on the beach but further back from him not close to the sea. He walks ahead of me and then he turns his head to his left and look at me(even smiling) before walking ahead. Wah he walks like supermodel and with the very Chio(super cool & handsome feel attitude...HAHA..)It's a very bright and sunny day at the beach. I'm like.. Is this for real? I'm dreaming of him out of a sudden?? I didn't even think of him how would I all of a sudden dream about him. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought for a moment...probably they just did a tarot reading about who this customer'm just guessing.. then i went back to bed... zzz...

Anyhow, bottom line is although I've never met them in person, but LEGIT is LEGIT... Supernatural stuff is hard to explain to the naked eye. I've a feeling I'm gonna be a long time fann of theirs... TQSM for your reverse adoption goertia spirit conjuration & pendulum! Deeply appreciate it.. I hope someday I'll be able to save enough money to go Singapore and visit their shop.. Such a super cool and modern shop they have! Bambi is sooo pretty..gorgeous for a Chinese and Ali is so honest,cool,funny & handsome... Love their main purpose of life which is to help people using their supernatural gift/talent...XOXO.....

I love this so much!

I love my pendulum so much. I use it everyday to talk to my spirit guides or my loved ones. Recently, Azazel came forward to me out of nowhere and connected with me. It was very interesting. He managed to sort of guide me briefly about his history. He is very gentle with me but yet give me a strong sense of my feminine self which I have not felt for a long time. Thank you very much to the team 🙏 I am beyond grateful for this opportunity!

Beautiful pendulum

Was looking at this pendulum for some time and decided to get it. Staff at The Love Witch was very helpful and patient in helping me choose one including the deity portal. It has been fun and eye-opening using this divination tool and helping to connect with the deity and spirit guides. Thank you!

Anonymous K
Strong energy from pendulum

Using the pendulum to communicate with all my spirit companions. Loving it