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Twist Of Fate Votive

Twist Of Fate Votive

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What you will be getting:

1 Spelled Silver Votive 

 Spelled with the intention of: 

  • For hopes of reversing or changing a seemingly negative turn of events into positive outcomes.
  • Useful for situations where the outcome is not finalised yet but you are not confident in it working to your favour (such as applications). 
  • Most useful for specific situations, especially related to administrative or money-related issues

 How to use:

  1. Your intentions are important. As soon as you start lighting up the wick, set your thoughts into the flame by looking into it.
  2. Best coated with Fastest Luck Oil and burned in one setting.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing Outcome!

I bought this candle after a tarot session with Jamie. There were some problems I faced at work and when after I burnt this candle, I was offered to stay in the company with a better pay. Thank you so much!