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Green Wealth Votive With 24k Real Gold Flakes

Green Wealth Votive With 24k Real Gold Flakes

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What you will be getting:

1 Green Votive with 24k Real Gold Flakes blessed by King Mammon


 Spelled with the intention of: 

  • Blast open doors of opportunities that have been waiting to occur
  • Increase streams of various monetary luck like promotions; career; negotiation success; business and profits; meeting the right network for growth
  • Increased intuition in asset-growing streams

Blessed by King Mammon to fulfil money and wealth related wishes, including better inflow of money from channels that you already have, including but not limited to higher salaried jobs, higher sales revenue, and windfalls.


How to use:

  1. Your intentions are important. As soon as you start lighting up the wick, set your thoughts into the flame by looking into it.
  2. Best coated with Fastest Money Oil and Fastest Luck Oil and burned in one setting.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good buy

After using the candle. I've been having small winnings from toto.. 😁

Beautiful candle with power!

Love the look of the candle! It took a few hours to burn because most of the wax sort of cave inwards and the flame seems to be overwhelmed by the melting wax but i do believe that it works when you set your intentions right. Little did i know, i actually won lottery twice (not a big sum of money but it is still money) within a week and it definitely open doors of opportunities for my business! Suddenly i get more assignments coming in! Amazing candle magick! Highly recommend to those who are trying to gain business opportunities and improve financial health!