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Commander of Lord Lucifer

Commander of Lord Lucifer

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These Lucifer commanders are THE ULTIMATE They are the HIGHEST rank above all other spirits under Lucifer. No others will be not respectful towards these commanders. They do bring an army of imps, warriors, assassins, spies, strategical thinkers, etc.

Anyways, these commanders help in:

  • HUGE fame, protection
  • Aiding in ANY battles - they have seen it all
  • Making sure u have a diplomatic relationship with Lord Lucifer - ensuring that he is a peacemaker and puts good words for you with him
  • Helps business talks and/or instilling a sense of authority and trustworthiness
  • Intimidating very effectively towards people that show disrespect
  • STOPS any form of maliciousness towards you before it can happen
  • VERY, VERY, VERY powerful wish manifestation with a commander - money, fame, luxury, etc


Bindings will take up to FIVE WEEKS to be completed. You will receive a short writeup of your spirit - name, approximate picture representation, age, personal message to you, and offerings preferred.

There will be NO REFUNDS once purchase is made. By making this purchase you are declaring that you understand and agree to these terms.

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