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Dark Lady Rashoon Portal - Demoness of Lust, Passion, Desire and Sacred Seduction

Dark Lady Rashoon Portal - Demoness of Lust, Passion, Desire and Sacred Seduction

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Rashoon can help empower women and empower them to claim their power and their radiance. She works with the Divine Feminine to allow the feminine to claim it’s power and it’s whiles. She can help awaken the alluring seductress that is within and help the feminine to claim and awaken it’s power.

Please note that since this is a genuine crystal, some variations in the patterns, inclusions, and shade of the actual crystal that you will be receiving.

Dark Lady Rashoon's portal has been opened onto a genuine smokey quartz tower. For prospective followers whom she deems worthy, she is willing to bestow blessings such as;

  • bestowing immense charm and sexual attractiveness
  • sexual know-how and improved skin
  • improved charisma for business, love, sex,
  • attracting lust towards you and improved chances of hookups


    • Pink Candles
    • Dried/Fresh Roses
    • Rosé Wine
    • Rose Incense
    • Red Meat (e.g. Beef)

    >> How To Use A Portal

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