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Goddess Eir Portal - Norse Divinity of Medicine and Health

Goddess Eir Portal - Norse Divinity of Medicine and Health

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Eir is the leading and principal healer in the Norse Pantheon.

As a Valkyrie, Eir accompanied her battle-sisters. While the other Valkyries chose the slain, Eir would choose who would live and recover, and return to health. As a chooser of life and death, she is among the most important of all goddesses. She is invoked in healing rituals using a white flower known as Eirflower.

She is associated with copper, which was used in healing ceremonies.

Please note that since this is a genuine crystal, some variations in the patterns, inclusions, and shade of the actual crystal that you will be receiving.

Goddess Eir's portal has been opened onto a genuine green amazonite tower. For prospective followers whom she deems worthy, she is willing to bestow blessings such as;

  • Guides one's development of a healthier lifestyle, helping Her followers to become more engaged and consciously aware of unhealthy habits
  • Promotes healing of the human body as well as emotionally, helping to heal one's self-toxicity and negative loops of thoughts
  • Encourages establishment of boundaries towards others who continuously cause Her followers to be energetically and psychically sapped
  • While she can heal one very strongly, she can also destroy one's fortitude of health if she wishes to. This enables Her followers to enact revenge on those who are undeserving of living on the sacred Earth
  • Spontaneously helps shield one from bad fortune, and bad decisions
    Increased protection and resistance against diseases and illnesses


    • Lavender Candles
    • Dried/Fresh Lavender
    • Amethyst Crystal

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    Kylie Chea

    I had gotten Goddess Eir from thelovewitch shop. Communicating with Goddess Eir had let me gained so much clarity & closure. I even asked her where she would like the portal to be positioned & we had concluded that it will be my bedroom. I had been sleeping quite well every since (more than 2 weeks), felt at peace, less negative thoughts & trying to live healthier with some consults with her. Thank you Bambi & team!