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Goddess Brigid Portal - Gaelic Divinity of Healers, Poets, Smiths, Childbirth and Inspiration

Goddess Brigid Portal - Gaelic Divinity of Healers, Poets, Smiths, Childbirth and Inspiration

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Brigid is the Daughter of the Dagda, one of the more universal deities of the pagan Gaelic world. She is known as the Goddess of Healers, Poets, Smiths, Childbirth and Inspiration; Goddess of Fire and Hearth and a patron of warfare or Briga. Her soldiers were called Brigands. Her name means "Exalted One."

She is a protector of women, children, homes, and domestic cattle. She prevents disasters from ruining fields, homes, and animals. During the Imbloc festival, a sun symbol is often used as an emblem of Brigid’s protective and healing powers.

Please note that since this is a genuine crystal, some variations in the patterns, inclusions, and shade of the actual crystal that you will be receiving.

Goddess Brigid's portal has been opened onto a genuine garden quartz tower. For prospective followers whom he deems worthy, he is willing to bestow blessings such as;

  • smoother pregnancy for women
  • developing a true and mutually devoted, loving couple in raising their fertility rate and chances of a healthy pregnancy
  • developing empathy and understanding towards others
  • enabling one's natural light and fire magick capabilities for spell-casting
  • limitless blessings in both wealth & non-material gains to those who are kind and unconditional towards others who are good-natured as well
  • washing away negativity and clouds of emotional darkness, and heals one to become significantly stronger from the inside for a more optimistic outlook 
  • destroying blockages in one's life path especially if She favours you
  • blessings for a smoother life journey
  • betterment of one's artistic creativity


  • Orange Candles
  • Myrrh Incense
  • Dried/Fresh Juniper Flowers
  • Dried/Fresh Chamomile Flowers
  • White Wine
  • Citrus - Oranges
  • Dried/Fresh Basil

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Customer Reviews

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Portal to the wonderful and exalted Brighid!

Wonderful piece. When I first unwrapped my piece, my ears rang! Very energetic stuff.

I even showed it to a friend (who is able to channel energies) and she told me that she saw a beautiful Goddess with red hair. “A very feminine presence”. To me, this is a confirmation that there is energy in this crystal.

I’m still getting used to the portal. One con though. My crystal had a pretty big nick behind. But it’s ok. The energy is all that matters to me. Thank you to the folks at Love Witch!