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Goddess Fortuna Portal - Greek Divinity of Fortune, Luck and Fate

Goddess Fortuna Portal - Greek Divinity of Fortune, Luck and Fate

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Fortuna is the personification of luck - both good and bad. She is often represented veiled and blind to represent life’s capriciousness.

Fortuna is usually depicted holding in one hand a cornucopia, or a horn of plenty, from which all good things flowed in abundance, representing Her ability to bestow prosperity; in the other She generally has a ship’s rudder, to indicate that She is the one who controls how lives and fates are steered.

Please note that since this is a genuine crystal, some variations in the patterns, inclusions, and shade of the actual crystal that you will be receiving.

Goddess Fortuna's portal has been opened onto a genuine prasiolite tower. For prospective followers whom she deems worthy, she is willing to bestow blessings such as;

  • Promotes wealth materially and asset acquisitions
  • Vastly increases her follower's luck in all directions
  • Redirects bad luck away from her followers
    • Fortuna Dubia i.e. dubious fortune
    • Fortuna Brevis i.e. fickle fortune
    • Fortuna Mala i.e. bad fortune
  • Fortuna is believed to control half of human's fortune, the half other being human actions; she will guide one into the right human actions to achieve the Greater.
  • Increases one's luck in fertility and chances for continuation of human reproduction
  • She was also known to carry a Horn of Plenty, to pour unlimited riches
  • Teaches Her keeper to be prudently smart in terms of protecting assets and learning to reduce liabilities and greed, and to help the less fortunate when possible to avoid the fate of meeting "Nemesis" ie Bad Fortune
  • Helps with safe travel
  • Guides one into fame and fortune if desired


    • Gold or Green Candles
    • Gold Flakes
    • Frankincense Incense
    • Rosemary, White or Yellow Roses
    • Berries
    • Champagne, Dessert or White Wine
    • Sweet Confectionary 
    • Shiny Gold Coins of any currency and value
    • Feminine Gold Jewellery

    >> How To Use A Portal

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    Meditating With A Deity Portal

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    I’m still a newbie but Fortuna is such a joy to work with

    the only time I felt goddess Fortuna was mad at me was when I accidentally broke her portal. but I’ve made it up to her since then and bring her portal everywhere with me now 😭 I’m still in the process of building my relationship with her before asking for too many favours (as advised by Ali) as maintaining a healthy connection with a deity takes work and frankly it’s a bit RUDE fo ask way too much from a deity without showing your loyalty first. So I’ve been doing so by giving her offerings every week and surprising her with Roses once in a while, and also praying and talking to her. She has a lot of maternal energy, and I feel very relaxed with her around. Things are generally smoother, except one time when an entity attached to my father started attacking me indiscriminately. I feel her intuitive nudges with asking me to help out the less privileged more often. There are less inconveniences and conflicts in my life overall and she’s taught me to be prudent with assets and wealth. I now think twice before spending anything despite receiving close to a $10k payout to my bank account the other day which was literally the biggest surprise ever. I’ll update this space as my connection with her grows! It’s still early days after all.

    The Pink Wiz
    Crystal Clear Signs

    As I'm secretly practising, having an altar at home would not be an option for me. The deity portal of Goddess Fortuna provides easy access to communicate my thoughts to Her without need for a statue yet receiving very clear signs that She acknowledges. One such sign was on the 5th day since I started using the deity portal, Goddess Fortuna sounded my door bell twice at 315am. This was in response to my request for Her to let me know she is indeed working with me. Thanks to the amazing team at TheLoveWitch, I am so grateful & excited to have begun my journey with Goddess Fortuna!