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Goddess Lilith Immortal Portal

Goddess Lilith Immortal Portal

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You will be receiving a physical product - a fluorite crystal wand bound with a portal to Goddess Lilith.

Goddess Lilith represents feminine strength, sexual freedom, bodily autonomy and independence. Bear this in mind if you are seeking to buy this portal with the misconceived notion that she will bless you with sex slaves. Work and venerate her well, and you will receive blessings of beauty, empowerment, charm and luxury.

>> Background On Goddess Lilith

Goddess Lilith dates back to the bird-serpent Goddess of antiquity. She helped women in childbirth and nursed infants

In later Kabbalistic tradition, Lilith was made the first wife of Adam. Sources claim that Lilith was fashioned from the earth at either the same time as Adam or before Adam. This made Lilith Adam’s equal.

As Adam’s equal, Lilith refused to lie on Her back while Adam took the dominant position in sex. Lilith believed that they should make love as equals. Adam was adamantly against this, wanting his wife to be submissive, and Lilith left the Garden of Eden.

Eventually, Lilith was portrayed as the serpent who seduced Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge. When both Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, Adam endured a period of celibacy as penance. During this time, Lilith was said to have caused nocturnal emissions from Adam. She collected his semen and impregnated Herself with it, giving birth to demons.

The Goddess who once protected mothers and infants was now portrayed as a demoness who caused abortions and murdered infants in their sleep - an immense injustice to true nature of our Goddess.


  • Rose gold or Red Candles
  • Dried/Fresh Roses
  • Floral Alcohol and Fragrance such as Rosé Wine
  • Rose Incense
  • Red Meat (e.g. Beef)
  • Dedicate Sexual Acts to Lilith
  • Watching pro-feminine gender-empowerment films
  • Beautifying oneself for self-empowerment

>> How To Use

Buy a spellcast pendulum HERE.

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Customer Reviews

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Evie Khoo
Goddess Lilith - the real deal

She empowers me, gave me strength, and showed me what she can do. Talking to her and holding her portal near me when I was doing interviews and now in a new job that she advised me to choose, I am experiencing life in a way I never felt before. And at my new job, I found out my colleague is a witch too! What are the chances? It is like Goddess Lilith is just showing me the way..