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King Mammon - Deity of Wealth & New Opportunities

King Mammon - Deity of Wealth & New Opportunities

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Mammon is very generous, wise, compassionate, easy-going, patient, and humble. He favors people who work towards realizing their dreams, and throws more fortune upon them. He is also observant of proper behavior and dislikes those who disrespect him; lack of respect won’t gain one any favors. He often smiles and is radiant and benevolent, soothing those that visit him in his palace. When he does have guests, he is very hospitable and hosts a feast of great opulence for them. Mammon also greatly enjoys the happiness that people have when they spend money, and he deeply values the sharing of wealth to others. He promotes abundance and opportunity to all people.

Please note that since this is a genuine crystal, some variations in the patterns, inclusions, and shade of the actual crystal that you will be receiving.

Mammon's portal has been opened onto a genuine heated quartz tower. For prospective followers whom he deems worthy, he is willing to bestow blessings such as;

  • extreme wealth from open income streams
  • bringing of new opportunities that can aid in wealth accumulation
  • protection of income streams and wealth that has been accumulated
  • better investments opportunities that can multiply one's wealth
  • aid in guiding one to making more money through smarter choices


    • Gold Candles
    • Sweet Floral Incense or Gold Rain Incense
    • Yellow or White Flowers
    • Gold Coins/Jewellery of any Currency or Value
    • Gold Flakes
    • Vodka/Gin
    • Dessert Wine, Aperitif, White Wine e.g. Moscato
    • Juniper Berries
    • Chamomile Flowers
    • Foie Gras/Beef Steak

    >> How To Use

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    Meditating With A Deity Portal

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Presence really strong!

    So far communication with him has been really clear. Manifestations have not worked out yet but im staying patience. I feel more at ease working with him and Goddess Brigid at the same time manifesting for business and wealth. Both are equally assuring and both gave me similar responses to my questions. Hoping for smoother days!

    Random luck

    Did a ritual from the love witch and was told by Bambi from the ritual that to invite King Mammon and work with him and watch random opportunities pop up. I listen to it and go get King Mammon portal and invite him into my life. and recently I won small amount from the lottery! Thank you, Bambi and teams :)

    Thank you TLW!

    I appreciate King Mammon's presence very much. It's a blessing to get the portal. Thank you!

    Xavier Podisingho

    Have received it...thanks Bambi