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[Limited Pieces] Goddess Nanshe Portal

[Limited Pieces] Goddess Nanshe Portal

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You will be receiving a physical product - a crystal tower bound with a portal to Goddess Nanshe.

  • Nanshe is the Mesopotamian goddess of social justice, prophecy, fertility, fishing, The Persian Gulf, and divination.

Background On Goddess Nanshe

  • She is commonly portrayed as kind, compassionate, welcoming, wise, and protective. She settled disputes and court cases among mortals, and could also be sought for dream interpretations. She sat on the holy thrones with the other prominent gods and was also seen as a goddess of protection.

Working with Goddess Nanshe can help with:

  • Drastic help in fertility and feminine health
  • Expedition of social justice and karma in targets and oneself, quickening one’s karma to be witnessed and experienced
  • High protection of children and to guide children into adulthood
  • Instilling correct motherhood mindset and ensuring that a mother can help with her child(ren) growth appropriately, preventing mental and physical illnesses
  • Protection from negative entities associated with harming children, fetuses and women of correct moral values towards herself and her children
  • Increase in intuition senses,
  • Particularly “gut feelings”
  • Help in legal troubles and minimising of detrimental effects or consequences in law


  • Wine
  • Roses
  • Jasmine incense
  • Pearls
  • Working for women

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