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Love Root (Bulu Perindu) Oil

Love Root (Bulu Perindu) Oil

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All components of this product are spelled

Bulu Perindu's widely used by the Kalimantan shamans as an essential ingredient in their love philters and rituals. They would immerse a grass or two into their love oils and empower them with certain occult charging techniques and mantras.  The Bulu Perindu grass possesses strange qualities--for one, they wriggle and move when placed on the palm of the hand or when warm ashes are strewn all over them. They are evidently heat sensitive; however, cold water is also able to vivify them. Immerse them in water for a few seconds and then put them on a clean, flat surface and watch them wriggle like a bunch of worms!

The Bulu Perindu has been activated in-house at The Love Witch Singapore. 

What makes this different from our in-house Make You Love Me Oil? This Oil is spelled specifically for love interest & crushes, making it perfect for this season of love! The properties of the Bulu Perindu root in this specific oil will plant your intentions deep into your target, cause them to long for you & crave your touch.

What you will be getting:

1 Spelled Bottle of Oil infused with Bulu Perindu

The root & oil have been heavily spelled to:

  • Smoothen relationship 
  • If single, this oil can help attract the right one into your life
  • Enables one to attract sweeter treatment from target
  • Protects against unwanted third parties or relationship destroying factors
  • Establishing greater rapport, understanding, and empathy in the relationship
  • Manifest a greater level of charm & charisma towards people around you 
  • Be a love magnet!
  • Make your target blind to your faults
  • Love binding properties 
  • Salvage broken relationships


This oil works well with any one of the following types of candles. You may choose which is most suitable for your situation.

The new and improved version of our Make You Love Me Oil, spelled with more deities. 

You may also use this oil with;

Please note that these are handmade in small batches so the colour, intensity and fragrance might differ from what is pictured.

>> How to Use:
You may choose to combine the methods listed below for extra potency.

The intended target can be you, you and someone, or someone else. If you are using the oils to target a group of people, simply separate them into individuals during spell work while using the oil. 

The Body Method

The Petition Method

The Wishing Book Method


100% olive oil, mica powders, and natural fragrance (to boost the elemental nature of the oil), Bulu Perindu Root 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Works instantly it’s incredible!

I bought candles and casted on first day, nothing happened. On second day I went back to LW shop to buy this oil and used on that night for the same candle spell ritual - bam, my target called me halfway during the ritual (because my phone accidentally missed-called him! Seriously must be Spirit cos I swear I didn’t press anything!). Then third night same ritual with oil, target texted me while candle is still burning! Twice in a row, it couldn’t be a coincidence! After using the oil on my wrists and neck, whenever I look myself in the mirror, I feel I look prettier. I have no lack of external compliments, but the way I look at myself have always been a problem so this definitely helps in self-love. 🥰 Thank you Bambi for creating awesome products like these!

Last hope
Love Root (Bulu Perindu) Oil

I bought the love root oil end March 2023. It was to strengthen my relationship with my husband. He's always cold towards me & finds fault with me for no reason. When he isn't happy with me he goes silent for months. After I bought the root oil and did the body method. I apply twice a day in the morning before leaving house and at night before bed, it works tremendously. It worked on the very day I apply it. I hold the bottle in between my palms in a praying manner and I say my intentions then I apply it. Even when I am applying i repeat my intentions. It is worth every cent. I saw Jamie for Tarot reading who spelt everything out in the few minutes of what I was going through. I bought the Behaviour Corrector as it was to change his behaviour and that worked too. He was calm but his silence remained. That affected me very much since we have children and it wasn't easy to explain to the children what I was going through. Hence I emailed love witch and explained my situation to ask about what I can do to make things work faster. As I know it works something with the moon changing etc. I was given options from the oils and all my queries were promptly answered. Even with the love oil, it was immediate effect. I am suppose to do for 30 days but the result showed the very day. I am still doing and will seek the advice again after 30 days. I guess one has to believe & have faith that the oil works. Thank you Jamie, Love Witch & the staff working at the front line.

Ko Han Tin
New customer

I’m new customer

Bought this as recommended by bestie

Hope it manefest soon

Premium product

This product rocks
Awaiting for relationship to Manifest. Hope I achieve greater level of charm & charisma towards people around me !


Princess Snowy
Waiting for manifestation

Have been using every night & I feel more calm towards an uncertain relationship & I do use it on the red candle for 7 days ritual so hope for the manifestion.