Lust for Me Only Oil™

Lust for Me Only Oil™

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30ml bottle

The "Lust For Me" oil is intended for DIY spellwork and for targets you want to seduce. Note,this is a very strong product, please be responsible and exercise some form of ethics and morality.

We will not be responsible for your consequences should you decide to use this in an illegal or immoral way. 

This oil works well with any one of the following types of candles. You may choose which is most suitable for your situation.

Please note that these are handmade in small batches so the colour, intensity and fragrance might differ from what is pictured.

>> How to Use:
You may choose to combine the methods listed below for extra potency.

The intended target can be you, you and someone, or someone else. If you are using the oils to target a group of people, simply separate them into individuals during spell work while using the oil. 

The Petition Method

The Body Method


100% olive oil, mica powders, and natural fragrance (to boost the elemental nature of the oil)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This thing really works

Went out with a girl for movie. Very soon we were actually making out in the cinema. I am not saying that the application of this oil will make anyone wanna have sex with you but it does multiply one's effort in trying to gain sexual attention. Could give it a try but do use it professionally because it really works

T. T

I m not a person who likes to review even d stuff is good or bad. But i really cant be thanksful enuf for this oil. N i must really provide review on it. Its really work that a man i
Of mine who didn't even hold my hand for so long started to touch me again d 2nd day of me appling this. Even keep praise me pretty? 😂 I wil definitely come back for more oil. Love u all bambi and team 😍

Only use when needed

Smell of the oil is great. i only use it when need a booster for love life and thinks of him only.

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