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Make You Love Me Oil - STRONG

Make You Love Me Oil - STRONG

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All components of this product are spelled

30ml bottle

The "Make You Love Me Oil" is intended for DIY love spells on intended targets. It is best used for proposal purposes; attracting love interest; increasing chances of being liked by someone- whether it is friendship or for romantic purposes. It is also useful for candidates looking to be hired.

This oil works well with any one of the following types of candles. You may choose which is most suitable for your situation.

The new and improved version of our Make You Love Me Oil, spelled with more deities. 

You may also use this oil with;

Please note that these are handmade in small batches so the colour, intensity and fragrance might differ from what is pictured.

>>How to Use:

You may choose to combine the methods listed below for extra potency.

The intended target can be you, you and someone, or someone else. If you are using the oils to target a group of people, simply separate them into individuals during spell work while using the oil.

The Petition Method

The Body Method

The Wishing Book Method


100% olive oil, mica powders, and natural fragrance (to boost the elemental nature of the oil)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Works wonders!!

I used it for a few months now and I set a general intention for it. So far, I noticed a few times where friends/relatives whom I haven't talked to for a long time had suddenly thought of me. They gave me gifts out of no where randomly but it felt really nice that people would think of me favourably!


Light scent smell is super good

Natasha Lee
Second purchase :)

Love the smell as it calms me down. It brings about positive and good vibes with people around me. This oil is really amazing and a must buy ❤ Love the team from TLW and the support they give


Recently I started to use this love oil with harmonious intention. To my surprise my cat has been sooo attached towards me. Usually she doesn’t follow me around, after using this oil my cat kept following me wherever I go. Meowing non stop to look for me, sleep inside my arms and lay down around me. And even my husband started to attach overly towards me … he messaged me often to check on me while he’s working, report his whereabouts~ I’m so amazed that the manifestation is so fast!

Helped improve relationships

I wasn't considering this at first, but decided to get it just to try it out as I LOVE the ritual oils from TLW. And it worked! People around me are treating me better than before. My relationships with loved ones have improved. I also used it for my job interviews and so far it went really well.
It is important to set your intentions daily, be consistent and trust the process. Thank you so much Bambi & team!