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Money Wishing Book™

Money Wishing Book™

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The Money Wishing Book is best to setting out very specific intentions in order to manifest i.e. better prosperity in life; greater pathway to increased assets and wealth; decreasing debts; having more career opportunities; more valuable job careers that would help in enhanced portfolio. Be sure to be realistic and magically possible.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I am a big spender and i got this book to minimize my spending and be more aware of whay im spending. So far, i have been more cautious and able to say NO to things easily! Other than that I got a spellcast pendulum which i love it so much! Thank you so much to the lovewitch team for everything!

Works well!

I've bought this as a part of a kit for getting a new job. Most of my wishes that I've written specifically in the book HAVE COME TRUE! I've written about 6 wishes varying from family members recovering from a health issue (it happened!), to getting a new job (still manifesting), to having a successful project at work (which totally happened and i even got a salary rise and tons of praise), to a few other things. Bottom line is that it totally works! I will certainly be buying this again in the future as I am slowly but surely filling the book with new wishes to manifest. Thank you to The Love Witch team!!

Works Super Fast!

I ordered the money wishing book alongside the fast luck oil and a pride pin! anointed my name according to the oil's instructions in the money book, and I've had an exponential increase in work shifts since then = more money coming in for me! also, many things on my to-buy list had sudden drops in price, so I could get my necessities while still saving money 🥺 thank you very much to thelovewitch team!

Signs but no luck yet

Written most of my wishes but no luck yet
Seems it shows some sign but never hit the lottery
Never lose hope 😊